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The Augusta Striders Running Club is here to help you organize a successful race.

We can help walk you through:


Columbia County

Columbia County has a newly passed ordinance that requires a minimum 45 day advance permit request. Be prepared to discuss your race concept in the plan and any resources that will requested from the county like road closures, traffic control and race security. A key feature of their new permit process is that you must provide a $1 million liability insurance policy with the county named as an insured interest. We recommend contacting Road Runners Club of America to obtain an event insurance policy. The permitting process begins with the Columbia County Community Events department. Email: Butch Holley - Community Events Manage

Richmond County

Richmond County has a similar permitting process for races conducted on public roads. If the race is held on city property (for example, a start/finish at The Augusta Commons) the city also requires a $1 million liability insurance policy. We recommend contacting Road Runners Club of America to obtain an event insurance policy.The permitting process begins with the Richmond County Sheriff's Department.

State Roads

If your race will cross or be on a state road or highway (for example, Furys Ferry Road is also Georgia Highway #28) the Georgia Department of Transportation must also approve the road closure.

The Augusta Canal

The Augusta Canal Authority owns and controls the canal tow path. The tow path is the dirt road that lies between the Augusta Canal and the Savannah River. Columbia County does not control nor can it grant access to the tow path. Contact Margaret at the Augusta Canal Authority located in Enterprise Mill for rules governing the use of the canal tow path and the permitting process. (706) 823-0440 x6

Savannah Rapids Pavilion

Columbia County Parks and Recreation operates the Savannah Rapids Pavilion located at the end of Evans-to-Locks Road at the canal headgates. If you wish to use this area you must coordinate with the staff at the pavilion and rent the appropriate facility. They have recently begun charging a $100 fee in addition to any other facility rental for access to the canal tow path from their parking lots and facilities.

Race Timing

For cost estimates, out of town chip timing companies usually charge a base fee of $500 plus $2 per runner to chip time a race. Contact Charlestowne Racing for a quote. https://www.facebook.com/CharlestowneRoadRaceServices/

Race Course Measurement, Certification and Maps

To get your course measured and/or USATF-certified, contact Southern Strides @706-860-6721 (Based in Augusta) It's the only way to guarantee the distance is exactly what you advertised, and your course can be a qualifier for other races. A course certification is good for 10 years, provided there are no changes in the race course route during this time.

Event Registration

It is vital to the success of your race that race registration is easy for runners. Printed forms just don't work any longer. We use and recommend https://runsignup.com/ for handling your event registration. There platform works well on both desktop and mobile and the cost are less than others.

Race Clock Rental:

$70 for the clock and timing machine. $50 for the clock only.
We have 0 clocks (waiting to get them fixed) and one timing machine available for rent.
The clocks are approximately 4 feet long and have a large red LED display that can count up or down. Think of them as giant stopwatches. They have no automatic timing function. They come with a tripod that can support the clock up to about 8 feet in the air. They are battery powered and must be thoroughly charged (up to 24 hours) in advance of your race.

The timing machine is a handheld device that looks like a large desktop calculator with a cash register tape. It has an internal clock that is activated by the operator. When a runner crosses the finish line, the operator keys in the bib number and strikes the "enter" key. The time, order of finish and bib number is recorded on the cash register tape so one has a running tape of the finishers. This device has no automatic function and is only as accurate as the data is keyed into it. It is also battery operated and requires an overnight charge.
You can rent and pay for the clock and timing machine here.
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Medical Support

Gold Cross EMS is very supportive of the running community and can usually provide race coverage at no cost if scheduled properly in advance. Contact Kimberly Tate, Business Development Director at 706-830-6999. They have a bicycle mounted team and she can discuss whether or not you need Dedicated Vehicle coverage or standby response through normal 911 service.

T Shirt Printing

M&B Printing 823-312-2218

Event Insurance

Insure you event and protect yourself. One time event insurance is available through RRCA

Race Number Bibs

Road ID is a provider of free race bibs and also sells a high quality box of safety pins to distribute to your runners at number pick up. Visit their website and complete their online form to register your race and request supplies.

If you want a custom bib printed, The Augusta Striders uses Marathon Printing. Visit their website for quotes and the various styles of bibs that can be ordered.

Current Reservations

Please check the availability below before booking your rental. We  have 0 clocks and 1 timing machine.